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3 helpful tips when you're trying to eat better

articles Feb 07, 2024

Thinking about eating better? Start here and let's #own this

Human behaviour. It's fascinating trying to understand why you are so driven one day to change something, and then at the flick of a switch, the drive is gone.

​It's the same with eating. You may have been on a really good thing for a while, but something got in the way and you've dropped the ball.

Now, you want to get back to that oh-so-good routine, but making that change feels oh-so-hard right now. And that's okay, which is why I've outlined the 3 small steps to get you going because with all due respect and a tiny dose of tough love - the saying goes:

"Nothing changes, if nothing changes"

Get your pen and paper, grab a cuppa and let's get you started on the change you want to achieve with your eating habits!


Step One: Find Your Why

Understanding what is driving the purpose to change your eating is really the critical step to achieving success. I'm not going to lie - it is also the hardest step. You may know that you want to drop a dress size, or feel more confident in your skin or stop feeling so 'blah' about your body. But go further: what is the real underlying reason you want this. Like real bad. Is it because you're sick of having to undo your top button on your jeans when you sit down? Is it because you hate being puffed when you walk up a flight of stairs? Is it because you know sugar is your best friend at 10am, 11am, 2pm and 3pm?

This can be the most powerful thing when you understand your WHY because then once it's in out, it's hard to put that back from where it came from.

Step Two: Pick Your Point

Now you know where you want to get to, you need to pick your starting point. Don't try and overhaul everything at once - this only contributes to the feeling of being overwhelmed (which is what you're trying to avoid remember?). Rome wasn't built in a day so start with one goal of your eating plan, may that be writing a shopping list, menu planning, packing your lunch the night before or aiming for your daily fibre target.

Change is all around us. Another saying (I'm on fire with quotes today!) my old boss used to throw at me was "the only constant in our lives is change". So embrace it, take it step by step and know that it will give you strength once you conquer your mountain.


Step Three: Use Shortcuts

The mental load of meal organising is huge (remember it's the planning, shopping, storing, preparing, cooking) so it's no wonder if can feel heavy; it's often the thing that so many talk to us about and how the repetition can wear you down.

Because we are all about ease, we are all about using shortcuts when it comes to food - it's often just for the short term while you get back your flow, but using things like meal box deliveries (eg. HelloFresh, Marley Spoon, Every Plate) can take away that initial burden.

Here are a few shortcuts we suggest:

  • Meal Kit Boxes for 2-4 weeks so you still get to cook, but it's all provided on your door step
  • Pre-cut vegetables and fruit - a great way to help you include fresh food but stops your carrots from going mouldy at the bottom of the crisper!
  • Frozen Vegetables - less cutting, less waste! Easy to steam or add into one pot meals to boost nutrition into meals
  • Pre-prepared meals - having a few in the fridge that you can heat and eat helps to reduce reliance on takeaway foods. Perhaps not every day, but having 2-3 across the week reduces the need to be 100% on top of things and helps with those who are time-poor.

Still overwhelmed? Don't be - we're here to help

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