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Carla is currently on Maternity Leave and will return mid 2024

Meet Carla Johnson

Accredited Practising Dietitian | Try-hard Gardener | Dog Whisperer

Carla is a vibrant dietitian who loves working with women who are struggling with their relationship with food and bodies. 

Carla is an advocate for dismantling diet culture, and believes that everyone can reach a place where food is an essential, enjoyable part of their day. Frustrated by the dismal and at times dangerous advice her clients were reading, Carla’s approach stems from an intuitive one. She focuses on teaching women how to reconnect to their bodies to rebuild a better relationship with food and body image, and empower them to nourish themselves and live freely around food.

Outside of work, life is busy looking after a sassy 3 year old and her two miniature schnauzers. Carla finds enjoyment potting around in her garden and sharing good food and wine with friends.

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Carla’s Areas of Expertise include:

→ Intuitive Eating & Body Image
→ Eating Disorders
→ Perimenopause


→ Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics (Deakin University)
→ Grad Certificate of Health Promotion (Deakin University)


→ Accredited Practising Dietitian (Dietitian's Australia)
→ ANZAED Eating Disorder Credentialled Dietitian


→ Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food - Accredited 'Learn your Fruit and Veg' Facilitator

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