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Covid Kilos

articles Jan 24, 2024

Does it really matter you've gained a few?

I would be a squillionaire if I had a dollar for every meme, comment or conversation I’ve had about Covid Kilos.

Which would be nice, but the point is - does it matter if your weight has fluctuated?

No, in my opinion. Because it ignores all the potentially positive lifestyle behaviours you might have started due to living in lockdown.

Let me be clear here. I’m not ignoring health.

I’m calling out the blame game of weight shaming and guilt driven ideals.

Slowing down and having to think of more local ways to entertain yourself has meant that your street, park or neighbourhood is now a hive of people getting out and exercising. I walked past a nature strip that stated this household had invested in four push bikes noted by the empty cardboard boxes ready for collection. The number of searches on YouTube soared as you wanted to know how make bread. The time you’re not commuting to and from work has given you time to find new recipes and your shopping habits have had to change too.

And for some, the space has alerted you to taking notice of how your body is actually feeling and no longer denying yourself the care it needs.

These to me, are bigger than the sum of kilos gained on the scales.

And even if you haven’t managed to do any of the above, that’s okay too. You may be needing to ‘feed’ other areas of your life such as your mental well-being, caring for family, financial stress or coping with isolation. They, in itself are much more important to deal with than a few Covid kilos gained.

This article (from April) sums up beautifully how you can unplug from the weight sphere and stop feeling guilty about your body.

At The Nutrition Circle, we can say we’ve helped more than a dozen people during Covid to achieve more than their weight status. We’ve not only changed their eating and nutrition but their entire mindset, outlook, health behaviours and understanding of themselves which has put them in good stead for whatever lies ahead.


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