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How to stop dieting - for good

articles Mar 13, 2024

Are you done with dieting? Tired of trying to eat #clean?

Put aside the pressure and be at peace with your body. That's what most women want, right? Well, it is possible. Enough with the endless cycling through crazy diets, challenges, supplements and apps because although they work in the short term, it's the long term you need to set your sights on.

In a study by Mann et al, one to two thirds of the group that lost weight on a calorie restricted diet regained the weight plus more. How satisfied were they? Not very.


What is the key to ditching dieting for good?

Intuitive eating. Which means rebuilding a positive, more 'in tune' relationship with food AND your body.

Becoming more mindful of your body cues allows you to understand and tap into the natural appetite regulation. It may take some time to connect and tune into, it just takes some time to pause, use mindfulness and then practice, practice, practice.

You were born with the innate ability to stop eating when you were full. However by the time you hit toddler age, you most likely overrode these regulators in favour for Arnott's Teddy Bear biscuits.

As you grew older, society reinforced the notion that you need to control your weight by controlling your calories. But studies show that only works for the short term - until your body fights against the undernourishment from the latest diet you've been following.

Once you've tapped into your body cue connections, you can then consider what's actually going on with your food behaviours and choices; do you eat regularly? What's your shopping habits? How confident are you in the kitchen? Are you hydrated enough to support healthy organ function (and hence body cue signals)?

Don't be fooled by the notion that it's just about calories in, calories out. Food is a complex web of push and pull factors, but can be simplified once you let go of any dieting rules, and become an intuitive eater (Again!).

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