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What to stock in your pantry

articles Feb 28, 2024

As you've already probably figured out, we're big fans of the UK chef Jamie Oliver ​and why wouldn't you want to strive to cook like him in the kitchen?

Having a well-stocked pantry of all the basic ingredients is definitely the first step in home economics (does anyone else remember those classes in school?!?!) and we thought we'd share our list to make your life super dooper easy....

Here goes:

1. Milk - to add to breakfast cereals, as a snack or for sauces
2. Eggs - boiled, poached, fried, baking (sweet or savoury), to help combine ingredients such as patties
3. Cheese (tasty, parmesan) - to add flavour to dishes or as a snack
4. Plain yoghurt - can be used in meals, to make dips, as a condiment or in salad dressings

5. Pasta preferably wholemeal for a hit of fibre, but this cooks in less than 10 minutes and can provide a base for a wholesome meal
6. Basmati rice  - an easy side to stir fries, curries, casseroles
7. Quinoa a higher nutrient option to rice and pasta, but versatile for sweet or savoury dishes (porridge, salads, side dish)

8. Flour (self raising & plain) - to make sauces from scratch as well as healthy muffins/loaves with overripe fruit
9. Desiccated coconut - for easy baked slices or crumbing alternative
10. Cocoa powder
11. Rolled oats - porridge, homemade muesli, slices/biscuits, crumbing alternative

12. Soy sauce - use as a marinade, to flavour stir fries and as a dressing
13.  Extra virgin olive oil - important for the start of most dishes and dressing of foods
14. Honey - as an alternative to sugar in baking
15. Vinegar - recommend balsamic which can be used in salads but also in sauces to provide a tangy flavour
16. Mustard - use in salad dressings, as a condiment to meats or in stews to enhance flavours
17. Stock powders/liquids - flavour foundation for soups, stews, casseroles
18. Herbs and Spices (thyme, oregano, chilli flakes, bay leaves as a start) - use these in different combinations for a healthier hit of flavour. Avoid packet sauces as they are high in salt and hidden sugars.

19. Chickpeas or 3 bean mix high fibre (and a filling option) to add to salads, casseroles, rice dishes, Bolognese sauce or to make hummus
20. Coconut milk to make a quick curry or even breakfast puddings
21. Tuna a lean protein that can be added to salads, pasta bakes, patties, wraps
22. Tinned tomatoes  - to make pasta sauces from scratch, add to curries or stews for a tomato-based meal

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